Motorola Moto E Gen 2
Motorola’s latest entry level smartphone the Moto E Gen 2 was a pleasant surprise when I reviewed it, with great performance and LTE on-board and overall was a real pleasure to use. The price at $249 was somewhat of a sticking point, but The GoodGuys have removed that barrier temporarily at least dropping the price to just $199.

The phone is currently listed on their website for the reduced price, which knocks $50 off the $249 RRP that the phone was announced at. Keen bargain hunters though will always want to save an extra couple of dollars and if you check on the Officeworks price match policy, you may be able to grab the phone for as low as $189.05.

If you want to check it out, head over to The GoodGuys Website and check it out, or read our review for a more comprehensive look.

Source: TheGoodGuys.