LastPass saw a massive uptick in user subscriptions after the HeartBleed vulnerability was made public, but still not everyone uses a password manager and they’re keen to introduce more customers to the service by making it easier to get into the service. From today, you can use LastPass for free on a single device type: Tablet, Smartphone or Desktop, but you’ll pay the yearly fee if you want to sync across any of those platforms.

The pretext is simple, if you download LastPass on your phone, you can use it on subsequent phones for free, but if you want to sync passwords to your desktop or tablet, you have to pay. The subscription, which is an upgrade to ‘LastPass Premium’ includes a 14-day trial before you pay a miniscule US$1 per month, paid in a yearly fee of US$12.

You can try out LastPass on your Android device of choice by downloading the app for free from Google Play or their desktop clients from their website.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LastPass US LP
Price: Free
Source: LastPass.
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    I’ve been using KeePass and the associated browser plugins and Android app for the past couple of years. Does everything I want and best of all it’s FREE! Still don’t see a compelling reason to change over to a paid service like LastPass.

    Phill Edwards

    My thoughts exactly. KeePass does it all for me.


    I had held out for ages, but I can’t imagine being without LastPass (or a similar system) now. Long, secure passwords that are different for every account and you don’t need to try to actively remember any of them (other than the one for LastPass). Brilliant.