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Google has announced that it will be removing the notification centre from its browser, Chrome, because people simply aren’t using it.

According to Google, the data it has collected shows that the Chrome notification centre is being underused, and thus isn’t worth retaining as part of the Chrome product. In the post on the Chrome Blog, the team notes:

“In some cases, these desktop notifications would appear while users were gone, so in 2013 Chrome launched the notification center, a place for users to find notifications from Chrome apps and extensions that they’d missed.

However, in practice, few users visit the notification center. To keep Chrome simple, it will be removed from Windows, Mac, and Linux in the upcoming release. The notification center on Chrome OS will remain unchanged.”

Whilst some users will be sad that Google is removing this tool and from a personal perspective, having not really used to the service that much, it make sense to cut this service if there is low usage at the end of the day.

The Chrome notification centre will still be available for those who use Chromebooks/Chromebox’s but for everyone else, the notification centre will be cut in the next update.

Source: Chromium Blog.
Via: 9to5 Google.
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Daniel Narbett

You can’t hide it on Mac, and it just sits up there being irritating and occasionally glowing at you. I hate it and am glad it’s going

Alejandro Contreras

I blame windows hiding it from the task bar…


I sorta use it. Sometimes. Though it is flaky as on Linux anyway!


Would that mean not many people use Pushbullet in Google’s eyes? Because it uses the Chrome notification centre quite a bit