huawei watch jewel elegant

Alongside this morning’s announcement of the Mate 8, Huawei today announced 2 new versions of its Watch – the Watch Jewel and Watch Elegant, courting the female market with elegant gold plated designs and Swarovski crystals.

Both watches bring beautiful 316L cold forged stainless steel bodies with scratch resistant two later sapphire crystal coating their face. The Jewel adds Swarovski Zirconia crystals surrounding the face, while the Elegant has a rose gold-plated body.

There’s also a slight physical difference on the hardware front, with bothwatch faces slightly larger than the standard Huawei Watch (now known as the “Classic”) at 44mm.

Huawei also finally acknowledged the existence of watch range’s built-in speaker, declaring today that the new watches will the first Android Wear devices to feature on-watch calling (that’s not independent cellular connectivity though, it’s just Bluetooth audio over the speaker).

The new watches are stunning additions to the Huawei Watch line, pushing the boat out on design and price. The new range will be hitting the market in Q1 for US $499 (Jewel) and US $599 (Elegant) — that’s about $699 and $835 in our money. Going by the Huawei Watch hitting our shores about the same time as it did in the US, these new models could be here sometime in the next couple of months too.

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People will still buy it. It’s just gorgeous. I think, however, I’ll stick with the Original Stainless with mesh band that I’m seriously hoping comes my way for my birthday in a few weeks.


Very nice looking watch but bloody hell, I reckon that the price will kill any chance of it being successful.