It’s an archaic form of communications, but believe it or not some people still talk on the phone! I know right! If you need to find a phone number for a business you can now ask Google Assistant, with the Whitepages Google Assistant app from Sensis.

The app is available as usual in the Assistant app directory found in Google Assistant by tapping the Blue icon in the top of the window, or in the ‘Explore’ section in the nav drawer of your Google Home app. You can of course simply call the Whitepages app by saying ‘Ok (hey) Google, Talk to Whitepages’ to Google Home or Assistant.

Usage is very simple, all you do is tell it the name of the business you’re looking for and then it narrows it down by asking for the suburb (or town) of the business you’re looking for. If there’s two options, you’ll get a prompt to tell the app which of the choices you’re actually after.

Simple, effective and works really well. If you’re ready to try out the app just call out to Google Assistant and see for yourself.