Australian juice outlet Boost is offering a novel competition to cash in on the current crypto-currency craze offering the chance to win a BitCoin by simply buying a juice with their app.

The company is giving away four BitCoin over the next month, one a week for the next four weeks. To enter, all you need to do is buy a juice from Boost to get a code, open the Boost Juice app which is available on Android or iOS, enter the code and guess what the price of BitCoin will be worth at 12pm the following Monday and if you’re closest, you win a whole BitCoin.

Entries close 24 hours before the 12pm deadline to stop anyone getting an unfair advantage, but it’s pretty simple – and if you don’t want to guess, the app can generate a guess for you.

The price of BitCoin quite volatile, it’s currently worth $13681.86, but by the time you read this, who knows what it could be worth.

If you want to give it a go, head into a Boost Juice, grab a juice and then grab the app and enter your guess.

Boost Juice
Boost Juice
Developer: Retail Zoo Pty Ltd
Price: To be announced
Source: Boost.