The Lenovo Smart Clock was announced earlier this year at CES 2019, and even though it wasn’t especially cheap – $79.99 USD we were told – it looks like the must-have bedside table accessory. With a 4-inch display that integrates much more easily than a 7-inch Google Home Hub, many of us at Ausdroid wanted one, but since the announcement, nothing happened.

It looks like that might be about to change, with pages added to the Lenovo support side indicating the Lenovo Smart Clock might be going on sale really soon now.

The smart display section on the Lenovo Forums has been renamed to append the Smart Clock device while administrator Miguel has added posts containing a user guideFAQs, and a data sheet. Looking through this shows that the device will work almost exactly like Lenovo’s existing 8 and 10-inch smart displays, but it will be easier to set an alarm (swipe left from the home screen) and there will be a few extra clock face options.

The news follows an official statement given to Droid Life in the last couple of days promising an update on availability in the coming weeks.

I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to popping one of these on my bedside table.

Source: Lenovo.
Source 2: Droid Life.
Via: Android Police.
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What do you think the odds are of seeing it in Australia?

Jamie S

I’d say more likely $129 – $149 otherwise no one will buy it.

Jamie S

Yep, I agree


Around $120 would be fine I think

Herman Cheng

The Lenovo Smart Clock with the Google Assistant will launch in Australia and you can pre-order one now at