For some reason a lot of people love the Instagram-style special effects in videos and now it seems that Google are experimenting with bringing them into Android Messages.

XDA Developers have done what XDA Developers do and managed to enable these special effects in Android Messages. At this stage there is only five camera effects that they were able to test within Android Messages: plane, balloons, fireworks, confetti and an angel.

The new effects are present in the camera viewfinder from within Android Messages. When you attach a photo from the camera within Messages you can select the effect you want to apply to the picture from the effects tab. The effect is then applied to the subject within the viewfinder (eg. your head) and the picture is captured with said special effect applied. The pictures can be sent with MMS, SMS or RCS depending on which your phone supports.

At this stage there is none of the puppy dog or cat ears that so many influencers and the young folk love on Instagram and Snapchat but if Google really are positioning Android Messages as a true alternative to messaging on these other platforms you can be sure they will before too long.

Source: XDA Developers.