It’s been a long time between drinks for Huawei’s Wear OS smartwatch line. The original Huawei Watch was a late 2015 arrival, and the Huawei Watch 2 came a couple of years later in 2017.

Since then, though, we’ve not seen too much from Huawei in terms of smartwatches; granted, we’ve seen the original Huawei Watch GT, and the newer Watch GT iteration released earlier this year, but for Wear OS “full featured” smart watches, it’s been a bit slow.

Well, that seems about to change, with (what appears to be) the Huawei Watch 3 running through the Bluetooth SIG certification process.

As Android Headlines reports, four new smartwatches have been given Bluetooth certification with model numbers CSN-BX9, CSN-AL00, CSN-AL01, and ALX-AL10:

The “BX9” is used in the Huawei Watch 2 model number, so presumably, an update to the Watch 2 leads one to conclude the Watch 3 is on the way. The AL00 and AL01 could be a smartwatch such as the Watch GT, though there’s no way to tell. The ALX-AL10 could be a new Huawei kids watch.

The rumours around the Huawei Watch 3 are that it won’t be Huawei’s LightOS (which powers the Watch GT range), and will be a return to WearOS – good news for WearOS fans!

However, there’s a few gotchas in there – for starters, until August 19, Huawei’s in a bit of legal uncertainty about its future access to Google software, which includes WearOS. Worst case, going forward, Huawei won’t be able to license it for new hardware, and thus we’ll not likely see WearOS on the HW3.

However, if this resolves in a way which gives Huawei access, then we might see a Wear OS Huawei Watch 3 coming, and that’s good news.

I guess we’ll find out about that in the next month, and more about the Huawei Watch 3 from then on.