Yesterday Google released the latest security update for its Pixel devices and it seems that is has not been without issue. There have been many reports of the update causing the Pixel Launcher to continuously crash when using Android 10’s new gesture navigation.

The December update brought the Android 10 gestures, which I am now used to and love, to launchers other than their Pixel Launcher. Unfortunately that seems to have caused a problem after fixing one.

The issue of the crashing Pixel Launcher is apparently only present if the user is using the new gesture navigation introduced in Android 10. Those who use the legacy navigation buttons do not seem to be affected.

A factory reset is the way many of those affected have dealt with it but another solution is to hit app info pop-up and once in these uninstall updates under the 3-dot menu. Of course, having dealt with this sort of thing many times in the past with custom ROMs etc I do know that you will have to be patient and quick at the same time — you will have to navigate in between the various times the Pixel crash pop-up appears, eventually getting to the uninstall updates.

Right now there are no reports of the issue affecting any Pixel 2 devices and of course not Pixel 4 as the update for that is not expected until next week (maybe I’ll have the November update by then). In the meantime if you haven’t updated your Pixel 3 or 3a device you may want to hold off if you also use the new gesture navigation. Has anyone here experienced these crashes?

Source: Android Police.
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This isn’t a real issue with the update. The crash only occurs for users who sideloaded the pixel launcher from the pixel4 prior to the update.

Pixel dude

No problems here on Pixel 3 XL using gestures on Dec OTA.