The Android TV update to Android 10 has today been announced by Google via their developers blog. While it has been announced do not expect to see it before the end of the year.

The new API Level 29 along with the performance and security updates made with Android 10 will hopefully provide faster updates through Project Treble. There are a lot of security features added with Android 10 for Android TV with more secure storage and encrypted data.

Alongside Android 10 for Android TV Google have announced a new developer device, the ADT-3. This is designed to help developers build and test the new app implementations prior to their release. The new dongle has a quad-core A53, 2GB of DDR3 memory and 4Kp60 HDR HDMI 2.1 output. It will be available to developers “in the coming months for purchase online through an OEM partner”.

As for the general public it is unclear when we will see Android 10 on any of our Android TV devices and given previous experience we shouldn’t expect to see it any time soon. Nvidia are normally quick with their updates but others such as Sony aren’t as much — Vodafone on the other hand are not slow but non-existent.

Although there is no full feature set available for the Android 10 for Android TV update hopefully we will see it soon. It should bring faster interfaces along with better memory management for starters. What else do you want it to bring?

Source: Google.
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Jeni Skunk

For the developers device, and resulting consumers devices, a current minimum of 8Gb RAM, 128Gb on board storage, and a microSD slot.


My Mibox S has 2gb RAM and a Quad CPU with Mali 450. Very snappy with no lag. Support for 4k. Why would you need 8gb?

Tom Sekulic

Vodafone TV box is on Nougat, Android OS 7. So, now it’s three versions behind.
Mi Box S is on Oreo Android.

The only Android TV that actually gets regular updates is Nvidia shield.

Colin Jones

I just want them to finally allow Duo on Android TV without having to sideload. It’s ridiculous, works everywhere else, isn’t it obvious that people would love to be able to vc from their lounge room on the big screen?