The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has leaked, leaked and leaked some more. We have seen details on the cameras, the specs inside, the display and the design but we have not seen any leaks on possible pricing — until now.

Overnight Max Weinbach of XDA, who recently leaked a lot of specs and hands on images of the device revealed possible pricing for the Galaxy S20 series. While the pricing is in Euro a simple conversion gives us approximate pricing (minus any Australia Tax that Samsung decide to apply) for Aussies:

For those playing at home that is:

  • Galaxy S20 5G: €900-1000 ~ AU$1450-1600
  • Galaxy S20+ 5G: €1050-1100 ~ AU$1700-1800
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: €1300 ~ AU$2100

Max does state that these are the early prices he has heard but he expects them to come in a bit lower possibly. It is no surprise that Samsung continue to play in these price ranges with several levels of premium device. The device is rumoured to be available for sale on March 13.

In other Galaxy S20 news rumours have pointed towards Samsung no longer using their dual aperture camera technology. Once marketed as the best thing to ever come to cameras it has died a very quick death after being used for two years, including in the more recent Galaxy Note10.

Galaxy Z Flip

As you can see in the tweet above pricing for the Galaxy Z Flip has also been revealed with it being a relatively affordable €1400 (compared to the Galaxy Fold). This puts it around the AU$2300 mark before any Australia Tax is added.

Other leaks and rumours of the Z Flip include it having a punch hole in the display for the 10MP front camera and a quad camera setup on the rear. The ma1in camera in the rear setup will feature a 12MP camera instead of the rumoured 108MP lens.

It is expected to have a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, 256GB of on board storage and a battery between 3300mAh and 3500mAh with it available in black and purple colours.

The 2020 Galaxy S20 and Z Flip lineup will be announced on February 11 so all will be revealed then — if not before by leakers. Has any of the above pricing turned you off any intended purchases or is it pretty much as you expected? What about the Galaxy Z Flip? Will you be forking out somewhere between two and three thousand to try out a foldable phone?

Source: Max Weinbach.
Via: Frandroid.
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Tom Sekulic

“looking at Jbs prices for a basic galaxy 256 gb note10+ which is currently 1699” If you have an email address, you can get it directly from Samsung for $1209! That’s a Hybrid SIM version and includes free shipping! However, on the same store, this same phone cost $1179 on Christmas 35% off sale! This should give you an idea how big Samsung margins are on their phones. I’m expecting this price to drop even further once S20 is announced. BTW, there is an additional $50 off if you sign up for Samsung promotional emails. This can’t be used… Read more »


Id be the first to say "ouch" handing over 2k for any phone , at the same time i think you generally get what you pay for in this case , looking at Jbs prices for a basic galaxy 256 gb note10+ which is currently 1699 , it is a pretty good package with about 98 % of the bells and whistles you could ask for , and S11 will be updated even more with lots of good stuff . If you look at JB`s android price list from high price too to low , the galaxy fold rounded is… Read more »