At the Made by Google event last year Google announced an update to their Pixel Buds, this time a true wireless version. Unfortunately they have been nowhere to be seen with the release date expected to be 2020 anyway.

Today 9to5Google found them, on the Bluetooth SIG website suggesting that Google are readying them for their release to the world.

The registration on the Bluetooth SIG website lists two models, the G1007 and the G1008 with the two models expected to be for firstly the headphones themselves and possibly secondly the charging case. It is unlikely there will be two different models as what difference could there be?

The Pixel Buds circa 2020 will arrive with Bluetooth 5.0 hardware manufactured by Bestechnic and will have machine learning on board the buds themselves. With a five hour battery life in the buds and another 24 in the charging case along with Adaptive Sound they should be perfect for long commutes and flights (depending on how well they isolate the outside noise from the Pixel Bud sound).

The description on the Bluetooth SIG website suggests they will be good at isolating sound based on your surroundings:

Google Pixel buds deliver rich audio, clear calls, and hands‑free help from the Google Assistant. They are designed for your comfort, based on scans of thousands of ears. The customized, secure fit while the ambient vent keeps you open to the world around you.

After an appearance at the Bluetooth SIG most devices are released not long after. Some are suggesting a Spring release — possibly at Google I/O but that is still a few months away. It would surprise us if Google released them alone before I/O though so it fits that they would be released alongside the Pixel 4a at Google I/O.

Hopefully the Pixel Buds (2020) can live up to their hype without being overly expensive. With pricing expected to be US$179 don’t hold your breath for aggressive pricing — that is something Google doesn’t seem keen on doing with any of their products.

Source: 9to5Google.
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Phillip Malone

I hope they come before the end of April so I can use my $150 gift card (for want of better term) on the Google Store from the pre-order of the Pixel 4!


oh thats right… i had forgotten about them.
I was quite keen on them, hope they live up to their vision