OPPO are set to release a new Find X phone in the next few months and there have been a lot of rumours and leaks circling around this Find X2. Today we have possibly gotten a first look at the front of it, although we will have to leave the final decisions for now thanks to the cryptic nature of the Tweet.

Over on Twitter Mrwhosetheboss has posted a fairly detailed image of the top of the front of a device no one has seen before. Without giving any information (no doubt saving that for a later Tweet) aside from the display housing the world’s first 44MP dual punch hole from camera the image displays a few features that may give its identification away.

The image shows firstly a very distinctive wallpaper, the exact same one that is found in the OPPO Reno 3 Pro and although wallpapers can be changed and moved from device to device we find it unlikely the leaker would have gone to that trouble just to trick everyone.

The image shows the handle OPPO use for their sidebar feature — the pullout app drawer type thing — and although something similar has been seen on other phones this is how it appears on OPPO phones.

We can see what is possibly a Play Protect symbol in the notification bar ruling out Huawei devices (unfortunately). The rest of the symbols and icons in the notification bar are very OPPO ColorOS-looking as well — especially the battery icon.

OPPO prototype 2019

The punch hole also lends itself to being the Find X2 given the rumours and leaks we have seen so far. The dual lens in the front hopefully means that OPPO are putting a lot more effort into improving their cameras in future phones. While they have been good they still sit behind the upper echelons of smartphone photography — maybe this will be the year.

It may also be the year where we will no longer see any full screen displays with OPPO seemingly dropping their shark fin popup camera along with OnePlus also expected to drop their own popup camera in the OnePlus 8 series. We are not sure of the reasons behind the change but there are advantages and disadvantages to either.

The lack of a popup camera makes it easier to get IP ratings and although the display looks great it seems companies are banking on a small punch hole not affecting the experience much if at all. It could also be a way for companies to be ready to put their selfie camera under the display once the technology is ready. There must be a reason.

Do you thin that OPPO will take that step up this year? Are you looking forward to checking out the OPPO Find X2? What do you think of the pop up camera going the way of the dodo bird?

Source: Mrwhosetheboss.