Android TV and Chromecast devices have always been considered separate, but recent rumours suggest that Google is indeed preparing to release a Chromecast Ultra that runs full Android TV.

The streaming dongle will combine a 4K Chromecast with full Android TV and a Google Assistant remote.

The Chromecast name on the Android TV dongle feels more like a branding attempt to try and move people familiar with the Chromecast brand into the Android TV ecosystem. That’s not a bad thing, with all of the large content providers like Netflix and Disney+ on the platform and local TV also now enjoying improved saturation across the world, Android TV is a great platform.

The addition of a remote to the “Chromecast” is something I have deeply wanted and I think will be a great improvement even for those only looking for a “Chromecast experience”.

With the addition of a Google Assistant button and the ability to control your Smart TV (likely via CEC), the remote may be a lot more useful than for just pausing your shows.

With Chromecast being popular and Android TV now a strong platform, this is a great move by Google and certainly something they need to do to combat Amazon’s Fire Stick.