Recently Scott took a look at ways to clean your phone to minimise the risk of them being a source of infection or cross contamination during the COVID-19 pandemic. The options include soap and water, stop sharing – or handing around – your devices and UV Phone sanitisers. This week Totallee has released a UV phone sanitiser and wireless charger for US$99, not the cheapest option but a very effective way to clean your phone.

We’ve had a look at Totallee products in the past and they have given us an early peek at recent phones thanks to their cases. They’re not a brand new name to the market and offer some pretty good backup on their products leaving no reason to suspect their new phone sanitiser would be any different.

The reality is that we all take our phones with us, pretty much everywhere. Some of you may be scrolling through this article while sitting on the throne… This leaves phones as a bacteria breeding ground and while there are ways to clean your phone – as mentioned earlier – they usually take a bit of time and effort. UV Phone sanitisers are effortless and effective. Just drop your device in the box, whack the go button and come back in half an hour.

Charging Specs

The charging adaptors aren’t included, but the physical case can deliver wireless charging to 10W max for compatible Android devices and 7.5W max for iPhones.

This is one of the cheaper and best looking UV sanitisers available right now making it worth a closer look if you’re keen on the technology.

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Plenty of other reputable brands out there right now selling these for half the price. Have a look around.
Just ordered the Momax Q.Power UV-Box.
Stay safe!