Rick Osterloh is the Senior VP of Devices and Services at Google. So it would stand to reason that he has the latest they have to offer in his hands at all times.

It’s with this in mind and the knowledge that the Pixel 4a has a left side hole-punch selfie camera that we believe his Fitbit screenshot is from a 4a.

On first glance, it’s easy to look past the details here. The top left corner shows a blank space, where a hole-punch camera would be, the OS will move notifications and features like the clock around notches and hole punches. Given his position in Google, I’d lay odds that he knew exactly what he was doing with this screenshot. Based on the information available and the continued escalation of leaks, we’re getting close to the device launching.

One other question leaps out at me with this screenshot…

Is the fact that Rick is wearing a Fitbit an indication that’s the direction Google is heading with smartwatches or is he just trialing a fancy new Fitbit?

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Is it? I don’t know