The explosion of buy now pay later services over the past few years has been an interesting trend in personal finance, one way to get around the need to partner with retail organisations is to provide virtual credit cards. Virtual credit cards allow consumers to use the service of their choice at any retailer who accepts credit cards — so most of them.

Where there’s a credit card there’s the opportunity for Google Pay and this week Google added Klarna to the list of supported vendors. Technically the service got Google Pay integration in August but it’s taken Google this long to add them to the list. Using the Klarna app you can create a virtual card and then add that card to Google Pay.

We’re not promoting one payment service over another, or even the use of these services which if you can’t make payments and often have stiff interest penalties. However, if you want or need to use the services it’s nice to know it’s now powered by Googley goodness!