How many of us have lamented the fact that so many devices don’t play well with each other? Can’t we all just get along. Now it seems that two of these have kissed and made up with the Samsung SmartThings app and more able to control Nest smart home devices.

“Coming soon” you’ll be able to access and control Nest products such as cameras, thermostats and doorbells with the SmartThings app and also through other Samsung smart home devices such as a TV or a fridge.

In a tit for tat exchange more Samsung smart home appliances and devices will also soon arrive with Google Assistant support. Recently we saw the announcement that Google Assistant will be available on Samsung Smart TVs so this seems like a sensible extension of that partnership.

Hey Google, preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Along with the above support Samsung are making in easier to setup your device with simple linking to Google Assistant from multiple Samsung apps. Samsung are also bringing the devices quick settings panel from Android 11 to their smartphone to display all connected devices on a single app on one screen which seems like a win-win for both parties involved.

It’s great to see this partnership blossom like this, especially for those users who have Samsung SmartThings devices in their home. Now if only other companies started playing nice with each other, although I’m not holding my breath on this one — I’m looking at you Amazon and Google.