There has been quite a bit of excitement from users about the Razer Zephyr. While the release caused quite a bit of excitement, aside from the fact you’ll have to wait to buy one. From tomorrow morning, that wait is over: Providing you’re fast enough.

Limited numbers of the Razer Zephyr wearable air purifier will be available to buy online from 2 am AEDT on October 31st. Buyers will enjoy a number of excellent features that make it highly desirable for work and leisure lifestyles including:

  • Replaceable filters
  • Transparent panel to ensure natural interactions with others
  • Fans to keep you comfortable, even in warmer weather
  • RGB lighting to bring your own taste to the device

There will be further releases in the future, potentially at more convenient times. The question is, are you keen enough to set your alarm early and grab one from this early, limited release?