Nanoleaf has announced five new Matter compatible products including the company’s first ever learning smart light switches at CES in Las Vegas which will help you build a smarter home of the future.

The new products which include the Sense+ Controls line made up of Sense+ Smart Light Switch, Sense+ Wireless Smart Light Switch and Nala Learning Bridge, Nanoleaf 4D TV Screen Mirror Camera and Lightstrips Kit and Nanoleaf Skylight modular ceiling fixture, is said according to the company a more advanced smart home automations with rich, dynamic and functional lighting to create more ease, convenience and intelligence in your living spaces.

Sense+ Controls and “Nala” Automation Learning Assistant

The Sense+ controls and “Nala” automation learning assistant is the company’s first ever hands-free smart lighting experience within your home that is Matter enabled right out of the box and runs on Thread. It includes the hardwired Smart Light Switch, Wireless Smart Light Switch and ‘Nala’ Learning Bridge.

All three products built-in motion and ambient lighting sensors to personalise your entire home’s lighting, automated to your daily routines and personal schedules, whilst the ‘Nala’ Learning Bridge also acts as a Thread Border Router that works as a colour-changing night light with a soft glow for when you need just a bit of light in the evenings.

Nanoleaf has stated that its new Sense+ controls work with its new intelligent Automations Learning Assistant called Nala which will learn your preferences from your everyday usage and routines.

Nala first-of-its-kind learning assistant creating personalised automations that deliver your perfect lighting exactly when, how and where you want it with Nala, overtime, users will be able to have a truly intelligent and hands-free experience with the smart lighting in their home without the need to activate or get up and make adjustments to your home lighting.

The company has stated that existing Nanoleaf Thread Border Routers will also be upgradeable to work as a ‘Nala’ Bridge, with the with Sense+ Controls and ‘Nala’ learning bridge launching later this year.

Nanoleaf Skylight

Nanoleaf also launched its first of its kind modular ceiling fixture with the Nanoleaf Skylight which are square modular RGBW LED panels that can be arranged to create a variety of different designs whilst enabling users complete control over their ceiling light’s design arrangement and area of coverage.

The Nanoleaf Skylight works via Wi-Fi to provide crisp functional white light for everyday use and over 16 million dynamic colours for ambient lighting alongside smart features such as adjust brightness, colours, colour temperatures and set schedules, alongside smart features that Nanoleaf’s users have come to know and love which include Rhythm Music Visualiser, Screen Mirror, dynamic lighting Scenes and Group Scenes.

The Nanoleaf Skylight also acts as a Thread Border Router and comes with built-in Sense+ sensors to enable motion and ambient light sensing to enable more lighting automation capabilities in your home.

The Nanoleaf Skylight will be launching later this year, although pricing was not confirmed at the time of launch.

Nanoleaf 4D – TV Screen Mirror Camera and Lightstrips Smarter Kit

Nanoleaf has also launched the Nanoleaf 4D, which brings your entertainment experience beyond the screen. The 4D kit comes with a Screen Mirror Camera and Matter-compatible Smart Addressable Lightstrip using new Sync+ technology to transform your favorite movies and games into a truly immersive journey of the senses.

The Nanoleaf 4D will launch again later this year, however pricing was not yet made available.

Essentials Bulbs & Lightstrips

Lastly, Nanoleaf has launched new Matter-certified Essentials Bulbs that include the model number and names such as A19, BR30, GU10 and a Recessed Downlight along with a Lightstrip which the company stated are made for everyday lighting while offering mesmerising animations to set the ideal ambience for different activities, moods and life’s special occasions.

The new essential bulbs and lightstrip are due to launch in the next few months but no pricing was yet advised during the launch.

The company also stated that the full line of modular light panels and light bars (Shapes, Elements, Canvas and Lines) will also be Matter upgradeable later this year through an easy software update that will be used out to users.