When it comes to keyboards, everyone has their own preferences for features and touch. There’s a segment of the market that needs and utilises a number pad regularly, and those of us who simply don’t need it. It’s that latter market segment that Angry Miao is targeting with the Compact Touch keyboard, which has launched this evening.

The design aesthetics of the keyboard are said to be inspired by the Delorean DMC-12 made famous through the Back to the Future movies. It’s an interesting concept and with the right keycaps, it really does bring a sense of geeky nostalgia.

The unit is available in a variety of colour options: Back to the Future, Night Drive, All Black, Hard Candy, 8-Bit, Laser, and Mech Love, each with a number of lighting options from reactive keypress options to pre-programmed lighting themes. If you’re looking for a keyboard with a distinctive look and feel, then this may well be the one.

The compact touch keyboard is a 65% layout keyboard utilising a function key that enables features on certain keystrokes. The advantages of the 65% layout include the space saving but, the compact touch goes a step further.

On the front of the keyboard is a small panel that is touch-sensitive and replaces direction keys. A single swipe left, right, up or down will navigate that way, but swiping and holding will accelerate your cursor across the screen.

There’s a lot of personal preference when it comes to the touch of a keyboard. Angry Miao have taken this into account with this keyboard, giving users the ability to adjust the leaf spring tension, giving significant adjustability to a softer or more “clicky” feel to the keyboard for daily use.

We’ve got a review unit that has been sent over to us, so you can expect a review to land on the site soon. We’re hopeful we’ll have finalised pricing — not yet confirmed — available by the time the review goes live.