Arriving just in time for the Cricket season is a game that my brother has been telling me about on iOS for ages, Stick Cricket. This game has been hugely popular on iOS for a long time and apparently has seen a huge amount of community pressure to release an Android version which Stick Sports has now done.

Stick Cricket is free in the Android market, allows you to practise a few overs with different bowlers before trying your skills out in the World Domination section where you can pit your cricketing skills against some of the worlds best bowlers or you can have a 5 over All Star Slog. The game keeps track of all your statistics and also your achievements which you pick up along the way.

Once you master the batting and want a bit more of a challenge there is an option to upgrade to the pro pack via in-app purchase for just $1.79AUD, which gives you the option to have a 10 or 20 over All Star Slog, all 14 levels of World Domination & a further 5 exclusive achievements. The game is ad-supported but the in-game ads are not obtrusive, showing up only when you`re on the menu screen or on the scorecard at the end of a match, when you`ve purchased the pro pack the ads which are in the free version are disabled

Stick Sports have successfully tried the game out on the Nexus One, Nexus S, HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S II, however they found on HTC Legend it ran a little slow. I can personally confirm it also works on Ice Cream Sandwich, at least on the Galaxy Nexus. The hand controls work well on the game you essentially have a left or right hand button which directs the shot but timing is what comes into it, it is very easy to get out if you have bad timing or a misplaced shot.

The game was originally made for iOS and it appears there are a couple of things that are remnants of that, like the constant on-screen back button which seems to be a bit redundant but actually works well as it`s comfortable to hit with the left thumb when in landscape mode and also the menu button essentially does nothing because all the options are on-screen in the menu. However, those things really don`t detract from what is a really addictive game, everything is well laid out, looks good and easy to find.

I`m personally addicted to it as it`s one of those games that appears at first glance to be fiendishly easy which turns out to be devilishly hard, once i`m up a bit in my stats and can finally beat Canada i’m probably going to fork out the $1.79 for the pro version, this game is a definite download for the free version alone then see if you want some more.

Source: Android Market.