There’s no shortage of cheap cases for any of the big release phones each year, but there is distinctly short supply of quality cases for phones particularly if you’re after something with style and a hint of class about it. The Aranez cases have a very clean, slick feel to them, protect your phone and look great.

Made from genuine leather both the book and flip cases for the Galaxy S3 are stunning to look at and don’t add too much bulk to your device. They also have the convenience of a credit card (or ID) holder so you only need to remember to pick up your phone on the way out the door; style and convenience.


The flip case will set you back $59.95USD and is available for order on the Aranez Website. It’s an easy process to simply clip your phone into the case, which still allows easy and unimpeded access to all of the devices buttons and plugs for power and headphones. The case is really slick, feels nice in your hand and the leather smells fantastic. The case doesn’t add obscene bulk in your pocket and depending on your want, the flip down cover can also provide you with a little more privacy on phone calls by covering your mouth while you have your conversation on the phone.


The book case will set you back $69.96USD and is available for order via the Aranez Website as well. The book case has a slightly slimmer feeling to it compared to the flip case with less padding on the device. It looks great and protects your device really well by encasing the phone in a plastic cover which is secured in the leather case. The only minor gripe I had in my testing of this case was that the power button is a little awkward to access once your phone is secured in the case.

It’s great to see that in a mass producing accessories market, there’s a manufacturer holding high standards for themselves and the devices they’re producing cases for. If you’re looking for a case for your Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII or S4 that will stand the test of time it’s worth investigating these. They offer a professional and stylish look to your mobile device.

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Source: Aranez Cases.