Over the past week I’ve had the joy of trying out the Aranez Flip Leather Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. After the infamous smashing of my Galaxy S4 display a couple of months back, I’ve been keen on trying out accessories for you Galaxy S4 owners that are worth getting for your own device.

So what did I think of the Aranez leather case? Well, in short, I genuinely loved it. While it does add noticeable thickness, the bumpers around the four corners of the device ensure that if you drop your device — like me — the case will take a majority of the impact. And yes, I tried this, and not on purpose.


The flip case opens from the top downward, which seems a little weird at first, but given the design it makes sense. If it were the other way around, it would block the microUSB connector on the bottom and the IR blaster and 3.5mm headphone jack. The case also has a credit card-sized slot in the cover to store a single card. I put my Myki card in there and used it without having to remove the card from the cover. Very cool stuff.

The premium black Kangaroo leather looks really, really good around the dark blue Galaxy S4, as well as feeling good to hold as well. The back is solid and has never little ‘give’ in it. It also has quite a bit of grip to it so it doesn’t slip on most surfaces.

The front has a softer, more cushion-like feel with the Aranez logo imprinted on the front of it unobtrusively. The inside is covered with a soft felt to protect the Galaxy S4 from any sharp edges or whatnot from the leather.


The case stays closed on the device with a hook on the top of the front part of the case that stays tight over the top of the device. Not once did the case come loose and open itself up. The four corners clip onto the corners of the device nice and tight so there was no issue with movement there either.

There are cut outs around the camera and flash, and speaker on the back of the case so as not to obscure them in any way.


Overall I was and am extremely happy with the Aranez Flip Leather Case. And you’d want that to be the outcome, because this case will set you back around $65 AUD. If you want full protection for your device and you want the luxury of premium Kangaroo leather design, then the price is justified. So, clearly, it’s not for everyone, but if it does interest you, I have only positive things to say about it.

No scuff marks. No torn stitching. No parts of the device left unprotected. A lovely feel, and a handy credit card slot. It’s a really nice accessory for your Galaxy S4.

Oh, and guess what. During the next week, we’ll be giving it away to a lucky reader!


  1. After looking at few other leather cases by Aranez, I can confidently say this one is worth using for S4. I love that people working on these cases keep improving their products. Another nice product from