Long Run
A new game from a new company – 2D Tap, Long Run a new take on a side-scrolling endless running games has just arrived on Google Play.

Long Run sees you take on the role of an agent who is escaping from a dangerous high security building, it’s a pretty normal state of affairs for the endless runner genre – you’ll run, slide and jump to avoid the various lasers, missiles and traps along the route all the while collecting coins and attacking guards.

Long Run Menu


You automatically begin with a Baton, which you can use to beat up the guards, but you’ll want more weapons and once you’ve purchased them, you’ll need to decide which ones you’ll use. At the Gadgets Screen you can equip purchased gadgets in either left or right hands – you can only equip two gadgets at a time – then during the game in the top right, you will be able to select which weapon you’re using.

Once your equipped with your new weapons or gadgets, you can then jump into the take out some guards by using a simple swipe pattern to take them out. With the initial launch there is a basic animation which is used when you take out one of the guards, but Matthew Klemm 2DTap Founder/Lead Programmer says that there will be more animations coming as the game is updated over the coming months.

Taking Out the Guards

Missions and Controls

To build up your coin count, during the game, you’ll receive missions at the top of the screen such as – collect 30 coins or Slide 20metres, for which you’ll receive coin bonuses, it’s something that gives you a way to both learn the controls in the game and how to dodge the various obstacles.

In the settings menu you can change the control characteristics, from swipe to on-screen controls. Your character is always running forward so you can either slide, jump or put on a burst of speed. With swipe controls a swipe forward will see your character put on a burst of speed for a limited time, a swipe up will jump and a swipe down will slide. With the button controls you’ll have a slide control on the left, while a jump and speed boost button appear on the right.


One of the most handy things in Long Run that I found, was the ability to pause the game at any time. With any game you play, the ability to pause the game to come back to is an important one, especially in the casual gaming genre and more so in an endless running game, so I applaud the guys at 2DTap for including this mechanic into their game.

Now, while you can play this game for a long time and build up quite a collection of in-game currency, or you can use the in-game store to purchase coins to get you into the more fun stuff more quickly.


It’s the coins and guards which brings the freemium mechanic of Long Run into effect but also is part of the games defining characteristic. Attacking Guards is one of the places where you’ll use a new idea in the endless runner category of games, during your run, you’ll encounter guards who’ll need to be incapacitated at various stages. Your agent can be equipped with up to two items at a time from a list of 7 gadgets which can be purchased or upgraded using coins collected along your runs –

  • Baton – Your default weapon, this weapon will be used initially to take out any guards.
  • Taser – This weapon will give you the ability to take out guards at a distance, can be upgraded in increments to take out guards at longer distances.
  • Pistol – Thisweapon also will allow you take down guards but upgrades will see you able to take down traps as well.
  • Bot – The Bot will collect coins for you but can take down traps after being upgraded.
  • Clone – Why let yourself do all the work? Purchase a clone to take out traps, or upgrade them to take out some guards.
  • Stealth Suit – Attacking guards and dodging traps isn’t always the best solution, use a stealth suit to dodge both and upgrade it for it to last longer.
  • Gravity Boots – While running through the game, you will encounter coins at heights that will be un-reachable to a normal agent, but with gravity boots, defy the norm and grab them.

As it’s a freemium based game you can choose to either continue running to build up your store of games, or purchase a pack of coins –

  • Coin Pack 1 – 10,000 Coins for $0.99.
  • Coin Pack 2 – 25,000 Coins for $1.99.
  • Coin Pack 3 – 50,000 Coins for $2.99.
  • Coin Pack 4 – 100,000 Coins for $4.99.
  • Coin Pack 5 – 250,000 Coins for $9.99.
  • Double your Coins – Option to receive double your coin balance collected in-game for $2.99.

I took the long way round and have played with Long Run for a few hours and felt no need to really go for any of the Coin Packs as yet, but as I tend to purchase something from most developers to encourage further development I have purchased a coin pack.


While Long Run is an Android release initially, 2DTap is using the Unity engine to develop Long Run and this will allow them to easily export to multi-platforms such as iOS and also Windows Phone in the coming months.

There are plans with future releases to expand the list of in-game gadgets available to purchase as well as introducing new character, environments and the all important Social features.


Social is the new king in mobile gaming and 2DTap have plans within this arena, initial plans are to add Facebook integration as a way to share high scores and challenge friends to beat you, but they are investigating integrating Google Play Games into Long Run at some stage in the future. The inclusion of Google Play Gaming may will also perhaps see the incorporation of achievements as well.

Give it a go

Long Run is an instantly addictive game, it has the simple mechanics which leaves you thinking ‘I can do that just give me one more chance’ that keeps you continue playing. It’s got a great little visual style and it runs smoothly on the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7(2013). I’ve indulgently purchased a coin pack already – the Gravity boots rock.

Long Run is free to download from Google Play for devices running Android 2.3 and upwards, it’s a 22MB download and well worth the download, give it a go and have some fun.

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