It’s been at least a few days since there was a Nexus 5 leak and Google didn’t want us to forget about it so it seems today someone has leaked a press shot of the seemingly Press friendly Nexus 5 to the well known leaker @evleaks. As seen below, the images – which show the same background as the images leaked by Canadian carrier Telus earlier this month – show the circular earpiece as well as white icons in the status bar, different to the current holo blue theme.

Nothing is particularly new in the images but it does show that Google are continuing to leak this device and with the one year anniversary of the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 4 coming this week we would hope to see this device announced later this week. I don’t mind seeing more and more pictures of this device and think Google may have something up their sleeve with respect to the announcement.

Are Google building up to a crescendo where they will allow a website like the Verge to announce the Nexus 5 or will they just flick the switch and it will turn up on the Play Store one day? Will you be buying this phone or were you sick of all the leaks and fed up with waiting and just went and bought something else?

Source: evleaks Twitter.
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Elliot Kotis

This is obviously a mock up from one of evleaks “reliable sources” or it is an older render from google/LG (maybe concept pitch). And everyone complains about the phone icon, I like it, what I hate is the camera icon. It looks like something pulled from touchwiz.

Damon Lewis

I doubt there is anything left up the sleeves of Google that hasn’t leaked about this phone already.

Elliot Kotis

Well on kitkat, absolutely no improvements have leaked, only the UI. So…..

David Jacka

I’ll be getting one of these baby’s for sure. Unless I have a stupid customer like last year that comes in 5 mins before release meaning I miss out on the first batch and have to wait 3 months until new stock arrives!


Pesky customers, always keeping you employed. How dare they?

David Jacka

Lol. Yeah I know and that’s why I choose the customer but I still had been waiting very very impatiently for the nexus 4 for so long without a single customer and right on release, BAM customers everywhere!


Minor correction
“The one year anniversary of the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 4 coming this week” I think you meant Nexus 10

Darren White

I’m waiting. This is my new phone for Xmas

Benjamen Meiers

Google would really have to pull something stupid out of its hat for me not to buy one. Though I have a horrible feeling that they may not have learnt already and launch this in the USA first and then a slow rollout elsewhere.

Happy Dog

The time on the phone is 7:00. Google usually puts the android version in there don’t they? Evleaks just rebranding a previous leak?

Alexei Watson

Its not a render from Google. Hence not having the 4:40 time.