Dick Smith - Philips FIdelio
Looking for a good deal on a speaker dock for your Android device? Dick Smith has a couple of Philips Fidelio speaker docks on-sale at pretty good prices. The AS351 was $149 but is marked down to $59.40, while the AS851 was $249 but is currently marked down to $149.25. Both docks look to be pretty decent and Android compatible docks are pretty few and far between. –

  • Digital Sound Processing for lifelike, distortion-less music
  • Remote control complements speaker design and finishing
  • Optimal acoustic volume to match speakers’ requirements
  • Precisely tuned bass pipes for deep, tight bass reproduction
  • 2x15W RMS total output power

  • 10W RMS total output power
  • Precisely tuned bass pipes for deep, tight bass reproduction
  • Compact design for any space, any lifestyle
  • Charge your second mobile device via USB
  • Battery or AC power option for music enjoyment anywhere
  • AUX-in for easy connection to almost any electronic device

The Philips Fidelio docks work by transmitting sound over Bluetooth from your device while charging from the patented Flexidock MicroUSB connection that allows pretty much any Android phone to be connected be it in portrait or landscape.

Head over to the Dick Smith website and maybe see if there are any in-stock at a store near you so you can check them out in person.

Source: OzBargain.
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I’d be more inclined to get a Samsung Dock, since they support both Galaxy Phones and iPhones, and do APT-X.

200 USD including shipping for the DA-E570 from bhphotovideo.com.


Does USB Audio work for Android 4.1+ users eg Nexus 4

“When I met with Philips at CES they assured me that the docks already

support audio through USB, so as soon as Google updates Android to

support it, Philips will release a firmware update to enable audio via


from http://www.gadgetreview.com/2012/02/philips-fidelio-as351-android-dock-review.html


I really can’t see myself spending more than $70 on something like this.

Alex Baldwin

Most iPod docks still have a 3.5mm plug too so you can stick it in any Android phone; it just won’t sit in the dock itself.

Paul Boonyarungsrit

I think speaker docks are on the way out. Wireless speakers are in.

Sean Royce

Wireless as in blu-tooth you mean? Because most Android wireless speakers are blu-tooth but have the dock to keep the phone charged.


Tried the display model with my nexus 4 with bumper. The bumper made it so the plug wouldn’t seat properly. I was sad.

Sean Royce

It’s not hard to take the bumper off. It’s not like you’re going to be holding on to it while it plays.


True. But I’m not convinced that the bumper wouldn’t stretch/become loose if I was taking it off every night.


Is it easy to put the phone in otherwise?

I find the microusb slots really fiddly to get them to go in. Thats one good thing about apples lightning cable I guess


It’s pretty easy without the bumper, yeah. It’s got a back plate for supportting the phone back and little height adjustable nubbins on either side of the plug to make sure the phone sits at the right height. Shouldn’t be much strain on the USB port itself.


Same issue with with my Nexus4 with one of the Lloyd covers from Android Central. I actually could get it to maintain charge but I had to push it down hard for a bit and slowly let go … not something I want to be doing every night, Was hoping it might be a good bedside dock/music player type thing. Decided against buying.