You may remember the Nexus 10 Magnector Pogo Plug cable that popped up on eBay last year, unfortunately since then the availability has been spotty with auctions popping up only sporadically making it difficult to actually get a hold of the cable.

Daehan Special Metal co. Ltd, the company who actually designed and manufactures the cable has now begun sales through their own website as well as now selling directly through ebay Australia Priced at $19.99 plus delivery the cable is quite well priced especially for a company who have been working with Samsung for an extended period of time creating cables and accessories for the Galaxy line of Samsung mobile products

The Magnector cable is fairly well designed and they advise that it will enhance charging speed by approximately 25%. There are other advantages to the magnetic connection including the reduction of wear on the physical port. The Magnector also includes an OVP(Over Voltage Protector) chip to stop damage from excessive charging.

Daehan Special Metal have also been working on a combination smart phone case and magnetic pogo charging connector for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4. This new product will also appear on the site as soon as it’s released.

With Google still not supplying accessories like the desktop cradle/charger, a cable designed by a company who has works with Samsung is about as close as you’ll get at this stage. We’re also very interested in the new Galaxy S4 accessory as well. We’re working on getting review units of both products, so keep an eye out.

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i got my pogo plug from ebay on Tuesday and it does charge the Nexus 10 noticeably faster. i dunno about the 25% they are claiming though. It’s certainly a cooler charging option thst the standard micro USB and the magnetic connection works very well.