Google Play Gift Cards 7-Eleven
While Woolworths may be the exclusive supermarket retailer of Google Play Gift Cards and BIG W will be the exclusive discount department store, it seems the convenience store supplier was wide open and 7-Eleven has jumped in to fill the role announcing via their Facebook page that they are now selling Google Play Gift Cards.

The cards are now being advertised on the 7-Eleven homepage under the ‘What’s New’ section along with various chocolates and other snacks, indeed if you click on the link, check the URL – Eclipse Chewy Mints they aren’t ;).

From the picture they appear to be available in the same $20, $30 and $50 denominations available at Woolworths and Big W. It’s probably a good time to head into 7-Eleven and check out the Google Play Gift Cards or grab a slurpee, either is a good idea. Let us know if you see Google Play Gift Cards in a 7-Eleven or indeed anywhere else. We love pictures.

Have you purchased any Google Play Gift Cards yet?

Source: 7-Eleven Australia Facebook.
Thanks: Harry.
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