Nexus 7 Hard Cover5
The Nexus 7 now has an official hard cover, to match the official slip case that appeared at launch, that is for US customers at least. Multiple sites are reporting that there is now a hard case available in Google Play which acts as both a case as well as stand for the new iteration of the Nexus 7.

At this stage, the case is listed as ‘Coming Soon’ for those looking at the case from outside the US, so local pricing is unavailable at this stage. The case is however available for those in the US for US$49.99 and will begin shipping on October 9th and there are multiple options for shipping, although the Australian Google Play store generally only has the one $19.99 shipping option :

  • 5-10 days shipping – US$3.99
  • 3-5 days shipping – US$7.99
  • 2 day shipping – US$11.99

There are apparently three colour choices available – Black, Red and Blue, with the red and blue covers coming with a grey woven material front.

Availability in Australia is anyones guess, with the Nexus 10 Book Cover taking 2 months to reach Australia’s Google Play store after launching in the US, likewise the Nexus 7(2013) itself took over a month to reach Australian consumers. We’ll be keeping a solid eye on the Google Play store in Australia but shout out and let us know if you see the case appear.

Will you be paying upwards of $50 for a hard case for your Nexus 7?

Source: Google Play.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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If it is the same as this: then don’t buy it. It’s terrible. No magnets. The cover doesn’t stay when it is folded up as a stand and the tablet just falls over. The lack of magnets to wake the device also mean the cover does that stay closed, and flops around. Waiting for a Poetic case to ship as a replacement.


$50? Pffft. What’s with companies and charging excessive amounts for official cases?

Alexei Watson

magnet for screen on/off?

vijay alapati

I’m sure apple must have patented it


I think they did, but it hasn’t stopped others doing it too! I know the Surface does it and I think the Nexus 7 2012 did it too, but don’t quote me on that. Perhaps somebody else can confirm…?


It did. I had a portenzo case for the 2012 Nexus 7, worked a treat.