The Meet the Androids: Series 05 Previews continue, with a couple more minis from the upcoming series being teased. Andrew Bell, the artist behind Dead Zebra, has also today announced that sales will begin on his site tomorrow.

The new mini’s are in a ratio of one in 16, so if you lie the look of these guys, you’d better grab a box to make sure you get one. The Cookie Master is a new design from Andrew Bell, and shares his love of Chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal cookies. He’s got a cute little chefs hat and a cookie dough stained apron, he’s a sweet looking character and would be a nice addition to your Android mini collection.

Next is a To-Fu Oyako combo figure featuring a nested Mother and Son combination from Devil Robots. Like the clear Android figure with mini standard Green figure from series 4, this new one is painted up and features a keyring attached to the mini-son figure. You can pop the head off the mother figure to pop the mini out, or leave him inside for display.

As we approach winter here in Australia, there’s also a new product which will be going up for sale: Scarves. Andrew has designed two scarves as part of his Android foundry collection. Available in two designs, “Big Bot” green and blue/black “Hangout” the scarves will certainly set off any winter outfit you want to step out in this winter. The scarves are double sided, with 8″ x 70″ in width/length and will cost $20 each.

Sales for the figures and scarf will begin on the Dead Zebra Android store tomorrow at 11pm EST (3pm AEDT for those wanting to order in Australia) – the figures will sell for US$9 each with an option to add a display case for an additional US$3 – discounted full cases will also be available and shipping is extra. The figures will also be heading to retailers in the coming weeks, so check out the ‘Where to buy’ section if you want to order a little closer to home.

Source: Dead Zebra.