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Since the launch of the original Nvidia Shield console, nothing in this writers opinion has risen to knock the device of its perch as king of the Android TV devices. As we covered in our review the Nvidia Shied Android TV is a powerful device offering both an excellent Android TV experience as well as enhanced game console capabilities.

We first spied a new Nvidia Shield (game) Controller passing through the FCC last week and were intrigued as to if they were simply updating their peripheral or if this was telegraphing larger things to come. We then spotted a revamped Shield Remote, featuring a battery compartment that was not on the original Shield Remote, and once more we wondered. Today we are wondering less.

This evening Nvidia has passed an original filing for a new device through the FCC, and they’re calling it ‘SHIELD Android TV Game Console’. Unfortunately, there is very little details to go on. What we can confirm is the device will feature WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2 LE and a 19V 2.1A power source, we said there wasn’t a lot in it.

If you look at the images from the fillings above we’re not sure if the outlines of the Shield Console and Remote are simple indicative line drawings or if Nvidia has partnered with a 1984 Volvo designer for their new device, we ‘re hoping for the former!

The question could be asked why Nvidia would release a new Android TV device at the moment? If we’re being honest there hasn’t been a lot of traction from app developers locally here in Australia where none of the major TV stations is providing a catch-up app for Android TV as yet. The app ecosystem has been a little stagnant since launch here, though internationally there’s a lot more support from content providers. The original Shield TV supports 4K content, so it’s doubtful that would be a major factor.

It could simply be that Nvidia ship a decent number of the devices and simply want to refresh it. It currently has a Nvidia X1 chip inside, could the new device mean the rumoured successor to that chip is coming and this will be its launch device? Nvidia may also be looking to further enhance their GEFORCE Now gaming streaming service with an improved Game Streaming Console, why not ship it with the world’s best Smart TV platform!

Whatever Nvidia’s motivation it now seems likely that we may be seeing a new Shield Android TV console in the near future. As a current Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro owner I am seriously tempted to look at an upgrade if for no other reason than the Shield TV has been so reliable and the main hub of my entire entertainment system since it arrived. Unfortunately, Nvidia just doesn’t seem interested in Australia as a first tier market, be assured that if the do release a new device we’ll be lobbying them as usual.

Would you buy an updated Nvidia Android TV Console? Let us know below.

Source: FCC.
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I’m rooting for it to use nvidia’s new tegra Parker mobile processor based on Pascal.


Look for a Tegra X2 chip. The big change there will be a 128b bus, which is double the current 64b, the 6-core CPU complex (Dual Denver-2 and A57s), and of course Pascal. It should easily eclipse last-gen consoles and nip at the heels of the XB1 and PS4. Of course, I want this in a tablet or Chromebook, and Linux laptop. I’d buy all three. While Nvidia’s mobile efforts as a separate business unit produces meager revenue compared to their GPU effort, it could be argued that it’s precisely this effort that has made their desktop and laptop GPUs… Read more »


Curious to see how it compares to the nx which supposedly is also pascal based.

Rodney McKay

“this will be [it is] launch device” What does that mean?


Glad to hear this. I’d been wanting one for a while and have been hoping for an update.