SBS’ catch-up TV app, SBS On Demand, received a big update today with the launch of a new app, rebuilt from the ground up.

With a simplified, slick and speedy user interface, the new version of SBS On Demand offers a fast and easy way to find your shows, including SBS’ big new drama import Midnight Sun (starting tomorrow), alongside favorites The Feed, SBS VICELAND, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and Brooklyn 99. Alongside the more responsive interface, there is also Chromecast support which makes viewing content On Demand a pleasure.

If you thought the service just offers SBS’ broadcast TV content, think again – SBS often drops full seasons of series alongside some well known (and some not so well known) movies. It’s free to watch, with ads. All you need to do is sign up to SBS or sign in with your Google or Facebook account (the Google account login worked well for us here at Ausdroid). With a catalogue of over 900 movies, 50 series and 200 documentaries the SBS On Demand app, with Chromecast support, is a welcome addition to any media collection.

Head on over to the Play Store and check it out. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

SBS On Demand
SBS On Demand
Developer: SBS Corporation
Price: To be announced
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    Mark Samuels

    Pretty pathetic that sbs on demand do not allow Apple devise users to use chromecast.

    Daniel Tyson

    Pretty sure they want to, but like a lot of companies they have to concentrate on one at a time, and for once that’s Android. We’ll check in with SBS to see if they have any plans to announce RE: Apple and Chromecast.


    Daft as a brush again….o am on an iphone


    Okay – here is the good oil. The app will not cast from an iphone. However it will from the laptop as long as you are browsing through googlechrome. What you need to do is to click on the 3 dots on the right handside at the very top of the screen. A drop down menu will appear. Click cast and viola – the rest is easy.


    Being as daft as the daftest brush…I am missing the obvious…but where on the on demand app is the chrome cast icon. I’ve played a couple of shows and can’t see the chrome cast icon anywhere…appreciate any tips!


    Can sbs play through google chrome from iPad? Have downloaded from App Store but can’t see any way to cast to chrome


    Yes. I specifically bought chromecast for SBS On Demand- and everything else is there except it. WHY WHY


    Pretty sure it casts from the app, not from mobile browsers.


    Amazingly wonderful person from Chromecast- in Asia somewhere?- has just talked me through it. Thank you chromecast!

    Robyn van Konkelenberg

    Hi, How did you get it? Have tried all morning to get SBS ondemand (deleted old app, and installed latest) working with Chromecast –


    This is a really, really nice update! Video quality is actually decent too, unlike ABC iView…

    Simon Green

    +1 for about bloody time. Am watching SBS On Demand using my Chromecast right now. Lots to catch up on.


    How? it is not visible on my ipad chromecast?

    Sean White

    Mind the swearing but FINA-FUCKING-LY
    For the past year I haven’t been able to watch SBS as I use Linux as my main system, and Firefox as my main browser without flash, as it isn’t something I have installed because Adobe left the Firefox version die 3 years ago. Now I can watch these show, and whats more I can watch them on my large tv as opposed to my desktop screen