Sony Stainless Steel Smartwatch 3
Sony has this morning announced that the long awaited stainless steel version of their Android Wear watch will arrive in Australia this month. First appearing in a leaked image back in October last year, the stainless steel version of the watch is aimed at a more premium market.

The more premium look also attracts a more premium price tag, with Sony Australia advising that the watch will retail at $399, $100 more than the standard Black (or now Lime) models of the smartwatch. Though the premium look is new, the stainless steel model is the same unit as the more sporty looking model underneath, with all the same functions.

The stainless steel SmartWatch 3 will arrive in in Sony Kiosks and Sony Centres today, while the stainless steel edition will be available to order from Sony online in mid-March. If you’ve been waiting for a premium looking Android Wear watch with GPS tracking capability then this is the one for you.

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Michael Goulding

Any idea where one can see or buy one of these yet? I’m in Melbourne and they don’t seem to be anywhere.


Sony stores already have them… At least the one at Robina (gold coast) does

James Z

from the looks of it i think its fixed on i dont think u can change the band but then u really hve to c the watch itself to determine it


Any word on whether the display can be swapped out and put in the other bands, or is it fixed to the stainless steel?


From what we could determine, the band may well be fixed. Sony did say they would offer ‘adaptor lugs’ to allow a stainless steel band-only purchase to be fitted to existing SW3s, but I don’t think it works the other way around; if you buy a stainless steel SW3, then I think that’s what you’re stuck with.