The Huawei Watch is generally accepted as one of the best Android Wear devices from both a style and performance perspective. It seems Huawei just got everything right (for the day) with the watch and it has stayed in the top charts since it’s release. Unfortunately, for many people, the device also came with the highest price tag of any Android Wear excluding the luxury branded Tag Heuer Watch.

IF you’ve been eyeing off one of these devices then perhaps now is the time to strike with Google offering $60 AUD off the $589 price tag or 10% off. With free standard shipping, you can have a brand new stainless steel Huawei Watch with mesh bank for only $529 AUD.

Has the price been keeping you from getting one of these beauties? IS $60 off enough to entice you over?

Let us know below

Source: Google Store.
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Derek Osborn

I got mine a couple of months back (Huawei Smart Watch Link Band – Stainless Steel) for $389 AUD + shipping from eGlobal digital cameras in Hong Kong. Great smart watch, even tho I insist on being an iPhone Fan Boi. 😀


That’s a great deal.

Derek Osborn

Much to my surprise, it even came with the Aussie USB charger.

Branden Aye Tremblay

Seen it cheaper from mobileciti ($429) and wireless1 ($425) both sell from their website and also have physical stores in Parramatta.


wireless1 ebay store got 20% almost every fortnight too

Jamie S

$60 off is not even close for me to considering buying one. As someone once famously said “Tell ’em their dreamin!”

Phill Edwards