Good news for owners of the unbranded Australian version of the S-Pen wielding Galaxy Note 10.1 which launched last year running the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, the update to Android 4.1.2 is now available via Kies. The update was listed in the @SamKiesUpdate tweet stream :

To update your tablet simply connect it to your PC and run the Kies software.
Do you have a Galaxy Note 10.1? Let us know how the update is going in the comments section.

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Michael Barrett

OTA Update Also

Michael Barrett

Downloading Up Date Now!!!!! 19/02/2013 6:49pm QLD Time – GT-8010 16GB WiFi Unbranded

Michael Barrett

Not Available as of 16/02/2013


Yeah this article is pretty much completely wrong. This is not a Jelly Bean update for the existing Galaxy Note 10.1 which was released last year. This is a new LTE version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 which has had Jelly Bean since release, and this is simply a minor update to that tablet (Jelly Bean -> slightly updated Jelly Bean).

We’re still waiting on the existing versions of the Galaxy Note 10.1 (N8000 and N8010) to get Jelly Bean.


What’s the story with Samsung updates?? I’ve got the n8010, which has been getting JB 4.1 everywhere but Australia (even NZ has got it!), and here they are rolling out the n8020 which has only just been released in the last month…. Argggg. I’m getting impatient!


Talk about misleading article headline! I got all excited to think that my “released last year” Note 10.1 is getting some jelly bean goodness. But no, there’s nothing for the 3g N8000, yet.


Hate to burst your bubble, but the update is for the newly released LTE version. The WiFi version is the GT-N8010, which I have and there is no update as yet. So please do your homework before making incorrect posts.

Michael Barrett

Out now


typical it is the wifi version only yet another false start

Paul Tran

So the unbranded version of N8020 firmware is available, but where can we buy the ‘unbranded N8020 australia’ device?

Daniel Tyson

Check out JB, Harveys and Dick Smith. I believe they were tocking the ‘unbranded’ version of the Note II


No, it’s actually the LTE version. which already had Jelly Bean since its release.


Hey Joel, grammar check for “Last last year” Second Line 🙂

Joel Villis

Done. Thanks 🙂