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The HTC Velocity 4G — Telstra’s first 4G smartphone, if you can recall — is on sale at Dick Smith for only $199 which isn’t too bad for a pretty good 4G device. When we reviewed it a year ago we found it didn’t have the greatest battery life and it runs a bulkier version of Sense than current devices.

On the flip-side, it does have an 8MP camera which can shoot 1080p video, a 4.5-inch qHD display, 16GB storage and 1GB of RAM, and a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU. While the Velocity 4G is unlocked, if you’re after 4G speeds, you’ll need a Telstra SIM. Not a bad grab if you ask us.

Source: Dick Smith.
Via: Oz Bargain.
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my local kmart also has them for this price.. i’ll be picking one up on payday (Friday) – 2 were there – hopefully they still will be on Friday


I got one of these at $199 it is a steal, very impressed, even without 4G it is very speedy due to the quad 3G connection. BTW, it comes with ICS out of the box, if you connect to the HTC update you will get a new kernel version. All in all I’ve had this phone for 2 days now, and am loving it.


I just bought the HTC Velocity 4G after reading couple of sites which mentioned that it can be upgraded to Android Ice cream Sandwich. However i am unable to do so. It says ur phone is up to date. Is it because I am on Vodafone and not on telstra network. I doubt that. But does any one has any idea?

John McDougall

when they release flagship phones like the htc veolcity that can’t last half a day, even with 4G and 3G shut off, the brightness right down and anything else you can cripple a smart phone with. Then have htc tell you thats the best rom their going to provide but thanks for buying htc. changing the bloat that is sense should hardly be their priority. I foresee their race to the bottom of the smartphone market will be quicker than nokia. P.S. myth busters proved you can’t polish a turd , so don’t bother telling people there is an up… Read more »


Well my ones pretty good. Got it last february for $199 from dicksmith. Battery lasts a day and a half. Updated the software ics and sense 3.6. Internets quick. installed go launcher and I’m with Optus using their 4g network. I’m not sure what you guys are doing and can’t even last a day with the battery. Seriously. My experience with this handset is the exact opposite of what you guys are experiencing.


…and just as i add it to my cart “This product has been discontinued online” :(.


Just in time for official cyanogenmod 10.0 weekly to be released.


Not bad at all, great in winter – you knew when LTE kicked in as the Velocity would heat up in your pocket.