If you’ve been hanging out for the Australian Play Store to receive stock of LG’s Nexus 4, you might not have to wait much longer.

Android Police yesterday reported a tip stating that the Nexus 4 would become available in the US Play Store today, which proved to be correct. According to the same tipster, the device will be available as of 8AM AEDT tomorrow morning in the Australian Play Store. With a hit ratio of 1-for-1, we think it’s a good sign that the phone will be on sale tomorrow.

Because the Nexus 4 is such a highly sought-after phone, it might be a good idea to set an alarm to remind yourself to check the site. The times that you will need are:

  • 8AM AEDT for NSW, VIC, TAS and the ACT
  • 7:30AM ACDT for SA
  • 7AM AEST for QLD
  • 6:30AM ACST for NT
  • 5AM AWST for WA

That’s quite an ask for our Perth-based readers. So far the phone seems to have remained on sale in the US Play Store though, so maybe this time it’s here to stay.

Will you buy a Nexus 4 tomorrow? How early will you get up for it? Tell us in the comments!

Edit: There’s some confusion over whether Android Police got the AU timezone wrong, as they listed “EST”. These times could be 1 hour early – but it’s best to be 1 hour early than 1 hour late. – Jason

Source: Android Police.
Thanks: All our tipsters.
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Me me me

Back in stock on play store NOW! 05-02-2013


bit rude, I have the play store with the nexus 4 as my home page in Google Chrom, I manually had to refresh before seeing it was for sale – if I hadn’t it just preloaded that it was “out of stock” same as the last 3 months


I can’t wait 2 or 3 weeks for delivery, so im getting mine @ harvey Norman tomorrow.

Sebastian Chetcuti

anyone know when the bumper will be in stock?


Ships in 2-3 weeks…

Sebastian Chetcuti

Just got a 16gb Nexus 4!


Thar she blowwwwwssssssssssss!


ONLINE now!! Just bought a 16GB πŸ˜‰


up now

Sebastian Chetcuti

5 mins

Matt Booth

But I agree with the comments below, screw the Nexus 4 it’s old news now!

Matt Booth

Android Police said US 30 January 2pm PST, which is 9am for Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. Let’s see what happens in 50 mins…

Sebastian Chetcuti

so it’s not 8am in melbourne. maybe it it is at 9 like android police said.




And I am at the computer for nothing….


too late, already ordered through US site :


did they sell out within an hour again?


how did you go about this? will they send to au address?


Make sure everyone updates their Google Wallet details first to make checkout easier

Artem Russakovskii

I used EST/Brisbane time before as I was confused about Australian time zones. I’ve since updated it to use Sydney time (9am AEDT as far as I can tell).

Mahmoud Baghdadi

Alarm set to 6:55 A.M AGAINNN!!!

Dylan Wheeler

Got a 5am alarm clock for a flight out of Perth tomorrow anyway!! πŸ™‚ Finally gonna snag one!

Duncan Jaffrey

2 months late guys. With the device cycle being what it is, it’s old news now CES has come and gone.

I got an advanced look at the handset at Harvey Norman yesterday and whilst it is a very very nice feeling piece of hardware I couldn’t shake the feeling it was too similar to my current Gnex

It didn’t feel like an upgrade (despite the better performance)

Perhaps a Sony Z if only it had Qi

Mark Smith

My Gnex has been playing up so I’ve been obsessively checking the Playstore to order a N4, if they’d taken any longer I was thinking of going BB10 so they may just get in in time.

vijay alapati

I’m sure there must be enough stock for all…..lg took more than a month….must be lot of stock up there


Awesome I have tomorrow off from work so I can stay up all night/get up super early! So getting a Nexus 4!


If you follow the AP link it says 9am AEDT

6am WST might be a bit more managable for me to do


Too late LG and Google; you had a great thing going with the pricepoint but you had the stuff up hard on the supply. I’m holding out for the HTC M7 while heaps others either got a Galaxy S III 4G or a Note 2 over the holidays.


“it’s best to be 1 hour early than 1 hour late” – Damn straight!


Can you pay with PayPal on google play?? I really want the nexus 4 but won’t pay any other way..does anyone know???

Adam Ricket

Has to be from a Debit or Credit card

Nils Mueller

brought my money else where


any news for nexus 10?


if you want to be wallet raped!!


yeah haha, i dont know why mobicity is so expensive for a website shop lol

Dan J

I just secured myself one from Harvey Norman for Friday morning pickup. A little more expensive but not to much after cost of delivery. And the fact that I am not missing out again.


damn, I will be on my way to work at 8AM


You can buy it on your mobile…that’s how I bought mine in November!!!

Jason Murray

How did you manage that? I can’t see Devices in the Play store on my phone.

Benjamin Dobell

Use the website, not the Play Store app.

Jason Murray

Ah, I must have told the Play app to “always” handle play.google.com URLs.


Pffft…. 1.5 months too late LG. I’m enjoying my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now.

Iain Simmons

My thoughts exactly. I think if I had to choose again now, I’d still go with the Note 2, or wait for the next generation of phones that have been announced this year.

Too late

Same here. Happy with my Note 2. Even if I hadn’t bought it, I would be holding out for the S4 or M7.

Nick Williams

If I have to be up at 5am, so be it! I’m not missing out again! πŸ˜€ That being said, is there any news on the Nexus 10? Will it be back at the same time?