I love Google, Android, ChromeOS, if Google makes it, I’ve probably got one – or am attempting to get one. After receiving the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2012) and Nexus 10 I took a family photo which seemed pretty popular. Over the last two years I’ve collected a fair few more Android Reference devices and I decided to put them all together to take the 2014 family photo.

There’s the full gamut here, from servers, phones, tablets, and TV devices as well as ChromeOS devices. It’s not a complete shot, I have left out the random Android devices I’ve also collected including random HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Huawei devices I’ve purchased.

There’s a lot there, see if you can name all the devices. Once you’ve given up here’s the full list of what’s included in the shot above (and yes, that is Alex the Android dog at the front) :

Phones: Tablets TV ChromeOS Servers Android Wear
HTC Dream(G1) Nexus 7(2012) Logitech Revue Chromebook CR48 Google Mini Search Appliance LG G Watch
HTC Magic(MyTouch) Nexus 7(2013) Nexus Q Chromebook Pixel Google Search Appliance LG G Watch R
Motorola Milestone(Droid) Nexus 10 ChromeCast
Nexus One Nexus 9 ADT-1
Nexus S (Black/White) Motorola Xoom Nexus Player
Galaxy Nexus (Black/White)
Nexus 4 (Black/White)
Nexus 5(Black/White)
Nexus 6(Blue)

There’s a full size shot there if you’re interested, but I also took some others while I had my collection out. If you’re a hardcore ‘Nexus only’ fan, I took this shot for you to check out:

There’s also a picture with just the phones :

If you’re interested, I am still after a “unicorn” device:The HTC Sooner(HTC Exca 300) which was the first Android device and I can’t wait to purchase Google Glass. I’m also trying to collect all the Google Play Gift Cards from around the world (if you have one, I accept donations but I don’t need any credit on them, just the card).

So, there you have it, that’s my collection, what does yours look like?

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The most I’ve had at once was N4, N5, N7 and N10 because I usually sell off the older ones to partly pay for the newer ones 😉

I’m still use a HTC One m8 flashed to GPE because I tried using a N6 but unfortunately it was too big for my pocket :S


So… How many Android Auto devices do you think you can collect? 😉

Daniel Tyson

It’s more about reference devices – so, if Google release a Nexus Car stereo – I`m in. My main concern is fitting a Google Self Driving car into the picture at some stage!!!


Dan, there’s already 2 alpha prototypes of complete vehicles. The not completely functional one from mid last year, and the fully working one from very late last year.

This is in addition to the experimental mod kits they had for existing vehicles from before the alpha prototypes.


So you’re the one who took Alex the Android Dog! 😛


What the green dog thing? :p


So jealous that you’ve got Google Search Appliances. Thankfully I have a Nexus Q on the way that’ll make me happy for now


I’m in the US. Do you need any of their gift cards?

Daniel Tyson

I would love some US gift cards (just the blank ones – I don’t need any credit on them). Shoot me an email daniel AT ausdroid DOT net


Dan, you know there’s been 2 versions of the gift cards here?
Do you have complete sets of both versions?

The old version has Incomm U.S. Patent NO. to the upper right of the scratch off code panel
The current version has a card # below the code scratch off code panel, and the card amount and date of issue below the right hand end of the scratch off code panel.

I have 1 $30 of the old style, and 3 $30 of the current style.


I’ve got a Chromecast, Nexus 4, 5 6 & 7. I’d really like some Android figures, but short of ebay, I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone have a reliable source for them (ebay or not, I don’t mind, just as long as they’re legit!)

Daniel Tyson

I import them from DeadZebra directly – apart from that he has a ‘Where To Buy’ section on his site: http://www.deadzebra.com/information/where-to-buy/ which includes PopCultcha in Melbourne


That’s pretty awesome. 🙂


How did you get your hands on the search appliances?

Daniel Tyson

eBay my friend. Wait long enough and you’ll find them pretty cheap.


This is impressive! I’ve got / had a 4, 5, 6, 7 & 7(2013). And of course a little green Android.


Somehow I have ended up with a collection of 3 dead Galaxy Nexii, and 2 dead Nexus 5’s. Nowhere near as impressive as this.

Daniel Tyson

Either of your Nexus 5’s red?


Sorry sir, no.


What are some good uses for the Q these days?

Daniel Tyson

Paperweight is about its limit. Hoping an Android TV port may one day appear.


My wife went to the Telstra shop and said she wanted to buy the “green robot” they had on display.

I don’t think the staff knew what to say apart from “it is not for sale”.

I bought her one on Ebay.


My collection is a graveyard of broken glass.

Harrison Pace

That’s an awesome colletion!


you miss the red N5:P

TheBagging Man

Wow that’s crazy!