+ Sunday December 8th, 2019

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NBN pushes ahead with wholesale plan changes, offering plans with reduced upload speeds

Perhaps our hopes and dreams for a truly national broadband network were a touch unrealistic. Australia’s political landscape was never going to permit the investment needed to deliver us gigabit connections any time soon, but perhaps we might’ve got better than we do today had things been different. In more …

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Officeworks has launched its own MVNO and NBN Network with Accord Connect

Officeworks has launched its own MVNO, called Accord Mobile with Officeworks, and is offering some pretty great prepaid mobile and data plans. Accord Mobile with Officeworks – which has now begun rolling out through your local Officeworks store and online through its own dedicated website – is offering a month-by-month …

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Vodafone announce new features to their Vodafone NBN offerings to make the entire process simpler

Late last year Vodafone launched Vodafone NBN with instant connect and a 4G backup solution. Even with the large amount of information out there many customers are still frustrated over many aspects of the NBN installation process. Vodafone are hoping to alleviate some of this frustration through three new features …

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