Homer Simpson once said “stupid risks make life worth living”, and he kinda has a point. This, however, isn’t the case when it comes to NBN plans.

While every NBN internet service provider is reselling access to the same network, not all telcos are equal. There’s a lot of variables that actually go into delivering high speed NBN, so if you want to avoid getting stuck with an underperforming connection, you should consider a no-contract NBN plan with no setup fees. If you’re not happy with your NBN performance, you can leave whenever without paying any cancellation fees.

Most ISPs can include a modem with your plan, but some will force you to buy theirs. For the sake of simplicity, we’ve only included providers where your modem purchase is optional. These plans are ordered by price, with the cheapest up top.

Unlimited NBN 50 plans with no contract and no setup fees

Unlimited NBN 100 plans with no contract and no setup fees

Unlimited NBN 12 plans with no contract and no setup fees

There’s not a whole lot of providers that actually offer NBN with no contract and no setup fees, and the plans are similar when it comes to the ones that do. There are still a couple of options worth calling out:

  • Click, Sumo, Southern Phone, and Tangerine will all give you a discounted rate for the first six-months.
  • Sumo will give you a further discounted NBN rate if you bundle your internet with your electricity and gas.
  • Aussie Broadband offers unlimited plans, but also lets you get very granular with data allowances. It’s also the only provider to publish CVC graphs for each NBN Point of Interconnect, so you can get an idea about what your speed experience will be like ahead of time.

NBN Service Guarantees

Telstra and Vodafone aren’t part of the no-contract no-setup fee club, but they offer an NBN service guarantee. If you’re not happy with your connection, you can leave in the first 30 days – no matter how long a contract you sign. If you decide to leave, both Telstra and Vodafone will refund your setup costs and first bill.

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    Garry Blakeley

    With Belong. $60 per month includes free modem,100 GB per month.Free Sim for mobile with $80 credit.Broadband 100 GB per month $45.
    Mobile $15 per month ,includes unlimited local, national, international calls to 13 and 1300 numbers.$10 per month without international calls.Also 1 GB data per month on mobile which rolls over each month.NO CONTRACT


    All good for average people that want unlimited but what about pensioners , they need smaller plans and at a cheaper price . They are making everyone go nbn , again not thinking of pensioners and lower income people so there should be better choices and prices . I have been looking to match what mum has now and no luck adsl unlimited $30 ,


    You right Jennifer. Pensioners also need just a cheap home phone plan with no data on the NBN but where are they? Different if they weren’t being forced over to the NBN