Aussie Broadband today announced new ultra-fast 1000/50 plans for residential customers, priced at $149 per month with unlimited data.

The new speed tier will go live on Friday 29th of May, with automatic migration if you’re already on a 250/25 plan unless you’d rather pay the same amount for slower speeds.

Other 250 megabit plans will see pricing reductions; the 250/100 unlimited plan is dropping from $219 per month to $209 per month, and the 250/25 unlimited plan is dropping from $169 per month to $129.

The new speed tier is limited to FTTP and certain HFC connections for now, but the service should become more available over time.

Aussie Broadband’s Managing Director, Phillip Britt says the plans should be able to reach 80 to 90 percent of the advertised speed during off peak, but evening speeds are yet to be established.

“For the moment, we will be advising customers our peak evening speeds for our 250Mbps plans as a baseline until we have collated enough data from our own network testing,” said Britt.

The company also strongly suggests a suitable router like Google Nest needs to be in place to handle gigabit internet, as less powerful routers may have issues with throughput.


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It’s a shame this is being offered on NBN. I have FTTN and it’s max speed is 35mbit down and 7mbit up.


Unsurprisingly, not $250/mo as mentioned, and pinned, in the comments of the previous article about gigabit NBN. ABB are a premium provider, and they are unlikely to be the cheapest to offer gigabit.


What a joke! In Singapore we get 1000/1000 unlimited for less than $50/month. First step is there should be no download limit


to be fair, singapore has 8000 people per square Km vs 3 (yeah just 3) in Australia. I also don’t know what their previous communications infrastructure was before fibre ? with ridiculous distances for fibre to run here in Oz this is pretty good, the availability is really what we’ve wanted and a lot of us do very well on ~50mbps , finding that there actually aren’t that many services online that will give you a stream or file download at much higher speeds in 2020. obviously this will improve and I presume the prices here will also go down… Read more »