Nexus 5 - Black vs White
Being a Nexus device, the steps to root it are almost ridiculously simple, however some people like to have an automated process to complete the whole process. Noted Android developer and hacker Chainfire has released CF-Auto-Root for the Nexus 5 which will perform all the necessary functions to gain Root on your new phone.

Note:Any modifications made to your phone are done at your own risk and Ausdroid takes no responsibility for anything that occurs. Read ALL instructions before undertaking any process which changes your phone or devices default factory state.

A specific note before forging ahead – not that any Australians have on in hand as yet….or do you? – you’ll need to think about your bootloader as this will be unlocked as part of the process and will wipe your device if you haven’t already.

If you’re ready to go ahead, then you can download the CF-Auto-Root file from the Chainfire website. For instructions, you’d be best off checking the XDA page where instructions are available and we highly recommended that you do read them thoroughly before starting.

If you’re wanting to learn more about how to manually gain Root access on your Android device, then the XDA-Developers forum is also the best place to start your search.

Source: XDA-Developers.
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vijay alapati

Quick question….. is it micro or nano sim? Aldi mobile sells only micro and normal Sims

Benjamen Meiers

It is micro-sim.

vijay alapati

That’s nice to hear


Root + AdAway is essentially a must to me. I have had issues with these ‘automatic/one click tools’ so I prefer to just follow the manual process.


Definitely mate. Couldn’t agree more. If you learn how to do it manually you’ll be able to fix it yourself easily should you break it…


I’m pretty keen to keep my Nexus 5 stock this time round. I’ll unlock the bootloader straight away, but I’m not sure if I’ll root it. Don’t particularly use any root apps apart from Titanium, and I might be able to live without AOKP’s modifications. Might.


I’m uhming and ahhing too. Titanium is my only root app on N7. Do you know if helium can restore data backed up by titanium? Helium doesn’t require root.


I highly doubt it, but I’m wondering whether we even need to go with Helium at all. We’ve already got App Data in the account sync options, and I think 4.4 has a few updates in that regard? I’ve always unticked the option to restore from my Google account, but maybe now we won’t have to anymore.


There are other ways to hack it… You have to remember that often custom roms take quite a while to reach stable status once aosp drops.. In the meantime there are other options… Stay tuned to Ausdroid this long weekend…