Google has been continuing to improve Photosphere technology with every iteration of Android since the feature was first introduced in Android 4.2 in October last year. Improvements were seen in Android 4.3 when it was released in July and Evan Rapoport has advised that Android 4.4 will also include Photosphere improvements.

In his Google+ post, Evan has advised that there will be speed increases in the rendering time as well as improvements to quality and image stitching. But the “optimal seam finding” seems to be one of the cooler addition with better AI that will find the best places to stitch together images to avoid ‘moving objects, people, or otherwise difficult spots’.

As usual Evan advises that you’ll want to keep your phone in the same place as you move through a full rotation and he encourages people interested in creating photospheres to watch the demo video that Google released back in July.

It’s been a while since I made a photosphere but I’ll definitely be trying it out on the Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 and will share them over on Google+.

Do you create PhotoSpheres? Have you found better results with each iteration of Android?

Source: Evan Rapoport.
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    Kiriakos Biggiedee Dermetzoglo

    When is it available for s4?


    Photos spheres are fantastic but my gnex just doesn’t do the feature justice. Can’t wait for my N5!

    Dylan Wheeler

    Love using photosphere for epic panoramas! Have also used photospheres to show off what a client’s event “could look like” from past events at the hotel I work in!