October 2013 Platform Numbers
A new month, a new version of Android and now we get to review the last months worth of Android distribution, while we won’t see any numbers regarding Android 4.4 until next month, we can look at the rest of the Android eco-system.

The good news is that Android 4.1-4.3 is now over 50% meaning that over 500 Million Android devices are now running Android 4.1 or greater. Add in the additional 19.8% of devices running Android 4.0 and that means that nearly 750 Million devices are running Android 4.0 or greater – Holo is king.

Gingerbread continues to drop in popularity with only 26.3% of devices running the outdated version of the software, though it sounds smaller this still means that over 250 Million devices are running a version of Android 2.3.

FroYo continues to drop in popularity, heading slowly downwards but still sitting at 1.7%. Honeycomb is thankfully almost a blip on the radar sitting at a mere 0.1% and it surely cannot be long before it’s listed as a statistical anommaly and completely removed from the stats altogether.

Overall a good month for Android, with a large majority of devices now running Android 4.0 and above. More interestingly, we’ll see the results of the Android 4.3 rollout to Galaxy S4 and HTC One devices next month as well as the introduction of 4.4.

Source: Android Developer Console.
Via: Android Police.