Nexus 8

Just when you thought that you were safe from the barrage of leaks and rumours that was the Nexus 5, we have a new Nexus rumour for you. A Verge forum member, Britoid, has spotted a promotional image of a young lady using a tablet on the recently updated official Google site.

The tablet looks to be larger than the Nexus 7, has much smaller top and bottom bezels, and judging by the white icons in the status bar it’s on Android 4.4:

Nexus 8 Photo 2

Google are not averse to teasing new models in promotional materials, could this be another hint from Google that a larger tablet is coming soon? Larger than the Nexus 7, but not as big as the Nexus 10. Nexus 8 anyone?

What do you think? Would an 8 inch Nexus tablet be the sweet spot for you? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ars technica.
Via: The Verge forums.
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    Peter Massey

    I don’t mind the screen size of the N7, but I’d love to see more Nexus tablets with a thin bezel like this though!

    I hate phones/tablets with huge bezels and pretty much the main reason I went for a N5 over a Sony Z1 as a phone upgrade, the Z1 bezel is HUGE.

    I also find it frustrating on my N7, true it makes the device feel bigger but then makes the screen feel smaller and I look at the screen, not the device!


    n7, n10, why nt have an n8.? in the middle to plug the gap and provide options to suit everyone? id be interested


    The tablet in the screen is fake. The screen is slightly misaligned compared with the physical body of the tablet. Perhaps Google wanted to promote Android and the Play Store in general, rather than the Nexus series, therefore they used a ‘generic’ shaped and sized representation of an Android tablet?

    Regardless, I think 7″ and 10″ are perfect size categories for tablets. I don’t think 8″ or 9″ versions are necessary. If I personally wanted to upgrade in size from my Nexus 7 1st Gen, I would just go ahead and get a Nexus 10.


    Yea it does look like someone dun goofed with their photoshopping but an 8″ would be good in my situation.

    I currently have a Nexus 7 (2012) and am tossing up whether to upgrade to the new one or wait for the new Nexus 10.

    I’d definitely get a Nexus 8 instead though!


    Anyone noticed the google keep icon on that page has slightly changed?


    Put the kind of high end hardware found in the nexus 5 into an 8 inch form factor nexus tablet eg. SnapDragon 800 1080p display And that’s an interesting combination. The only problem would be storage space. Tablets are by their nature content consumption devices, but with 16gb or even 32 gb of storage there isn’t sufficient space to carry significant amounts of content. And in Australia the service for data streaming still isn’t there. I would be conflicted. I love stock and the nexus program but I’d miss my 64gb sd card in my Note 8. If only nexus… Read more ยป


    8″ nexus would be awesome. There has been rumours about this before so it could be a goer.


    Ditto with the rest of the observation. It’s definitely a vertically stretched screen photoshopped over the new Nexus 7. Dimensionally, it looks similar, even as I hold mine in hand. An 8″ screen would be quite a little wider.

    vijay alapati

    Can u guys spot front cam on the tablet?


    Well, her coffee cup and pen seem to both also be on the somewhat oversized side.

    Joshua Wenham

    I think it’s just a nexus 7 with the display superimposed.


    Looks more like HTC device to me than Asus or LG nexus


    Faked image : overlaid screen and no front camera

    vijay alapati

    I am sold


    Only if you have the enormous hands of an apple ‘mini’ user.

    David Porter

    Would be perfect – I love my iPad Mini because it’s the perfect size. The Nexus 7 is just the little bit too small, particularly at the 16:9 aspect ratio.

    Elliot Kotis

    8″ Is a good form factor! Nexus OS (AOSP) would be amazing on it!

    Marty Davey

    I love my nexus 10. Watching movies and browsing the net etc on a large screen. The 7 is a little to small and close to say the 5 inch mobiles. Even the note 3 and other phablets. So yes I think a 8 is a perfect size and comprimise for decent size while out on road or being mobile ๐Ÿ™‚


    Interesting how much people’s use cases differ, since I haven’t even bothered to charge my N10 since I bought the N7 on DSE sale 3 weeks ago!

    I’m still wondering how much overlap there will be between my N7 and N5 (hopefully arriving on Monday). Since I find SGS4 and my N4 is too small for reading lots of stuff (and the lack of properly placed stereo speakers), I’m assuming that N5 won’t replace my N7.

    By the way, is anyone looking to buy a Nexus 10 with official cover? ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hey dzeikei, I’m in the market… But only interested in the 32gb variant… Can you email me? [email protected]