It’s now over a year since Google first announced Android Wear 2.0, and almost 5 months since it was officially released, but Asus customers are still no closer to receiving the update.

The Asus ZenWatch 2 and ZenWatch 3 are still waiting on their official update, and it could be a while longer yet. Asus has repeatedly changed the date for the update, the latest coming from Asus Germany who advised a July date for the 1.63″ ZenWatch 2, and August for the 1.45″ model. The ZenWatch Manager Android app beta has been getting updates prepping for the AW2.0 update for some time, but that’s neither here, or there.

Asus did respond in a tweet (now deleted) advising ‘We believe [Android Wear for the ZW3] will be released in the coming weeks if everything goes smoothly’, but social media operators aren’t always up to date on when updates will be coming.

Asus owners aren’t the only ones still waiting on their AW2.0 update, Moto 360 Sport owners are still waiting on their update with Motorola not including them in the Moto 360 gen 2 update that began rolling out in May.

Overall, the protracted rollout of Android Wear 2.0 has been a frustrating experience for Android Wear owners. The list of devices that are slated to get the update is impressive, but in the end there’s a lot of angry customers out there. Asus really needs to get out there and answer questions on this one. But so far, there’s been no official response, we’ll be asking Asus Australia about an update, but don’t hold your breath.

Via: Android Police.