Sony Mobile has begun advising customers that they will be shutting down their music discovery and recognition service ‘TrackID’ in September this year.

TrackID has been around for sometime, with Ausdroid reviews of Sony Xperia devices noting its presence as far back as 2011 when Matt Booth reviewed the Xperia Neo. TrackID allows you to both recognise songs playing around you, as well as discover new music from Trending and Live tabs in the app.

The update advising of the impending closure is showing in the latest version of the TrackID app which is still installable from Google Play. In their announcement, Sony notes that ‘All businesses move forwards, and sometimes this means that apps are discontinued’ as reason for the service shutting down. They also note that track history can’t be exported, but can be re-created in apps such as Shazam, which Sony is recommending as a replacement service.

If you’ve used the service, it’s time to look at replacements. While Sony recommends Shazam, you can also try Soundhound as well which offers a similar service. Both Soundhound and Shazam have free and paid services which offer pros and cons on both sides, so it’s worth testing out both to see which you prefer.

Source: XperiaBlog.