BitTorrent is making themselves and their peer-to-peer file sharing technology a little more public friendly and less MPAA and RIAA offensive all the time. BitTorrent recently launched their private messaging tool Bleep, and today it’s photo and video sharing, through an app called ‘Shoot’.

Shoot is designed to share photos and videos directly between users, even across different platforms; and when BitTorrent say cross-platform, they mean it releasing apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone (sorry Blackberry).

With the BitTorrent protocol handling the load, Shoot doesn’t care how large the video or photo is. although we imagine your phone or tablet does, so make sure you have ample storage to receive files. The added bonus of using BitTorrent technology is the privacy aspect, with peer-to-peer, there’s no going through a server to transfer the files, it’s simply person-to-person.

Shoot is a free app — at least to start with, your first three sends are free after which you’ll have to pay AU$2.45, but it’s a one-off payment. Receipt of files is always free however.

If this sounds like the perfect way for you to send and receive photos or videos, then head over to Google Play and grab the app and try it out.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: BitTorrent.